What’s your Habit House made of?

Once upon a time…isn’t that the way all good stories start? Well, that’s how mine began, with the “time” being 2 years ago, and the story being a book called “Weight Loss Boss” (D. Kirchhoff, 2012).

Yes, I do see the irony that my mission statement– weight loss is not a sustainable habit – should find its roots in a book about weight loss. Except that it’s not. David writes, and I agree, that weight loss is actually just the happy byproduct of building habits of healthy living.

David and I also agree that building these habits can be VERY challenging, depending on whether you are merely remodeling or having to tear down a whole building of beliefs and start over. (I noticed a theme here with building and houses…not really sure how that happened, but let’s just go with it!)

So, how would you describe your current Healthy Habit House? Take this quiz and see where you land!

Scoring: a=3 points; b=2 points; c=1 point

  1. You do some form of exercise:a. Every day, for at least an hour.
    b. Three times a week, more or less.
    c. When you walk to your car in the morning.
  2. For breakfast you:a. Eat a healthy choice from your tried and true selection of sustainable options.
    b. Try to eat something healthy more days than not.
    c. Try to eat…something.
  3. When it comes to sleep, you:a. Get, on average, 8 hours almost every night.
    b. Are lucky if you get 8 hours even one night a week, most nights it’s 5-6.
    c. Don’t.
  4. Your social life is:a. Well balanced. You have face-to-face interaction with friends / family on a regular basis.
    b. Mostly online. You read your sister’s tweet that your mother had surgery. You send your mother an e-card and order her flowers online.
    c. Non-existent.
  5. You nurture your spirit:a. Daily, through a path that works for you (meditation, yoga, church, charity, etc.)
    b. On occasion, but you want to do it more
    c. Pretty much only on major holidays or in times of crisis

15+: Picking out Curtains.  It appears you have a solid set of healthy habits! Of course, we live in an ever changing world, and you are probably continuing to look for new ideas to incorporate so you are still welcomed here! You are also the BEST person to give suggestions and advice. We are always at our best when we are helping others. So, feel free to share your best practices here, and elsewhere… And keep on keeping on!

10-14: Fixer Upper. It sounds like you have a great foundation; the house just isn’t finished yet. The next step for you is to take these things you do “occasionally” and turn them into regular habits. How do you do that? If you love reading, check out the books below. Or ask an expert (someone who is “picking out curtains”!) Is there someone in your life who seems to have mastered healthy living? Ask them about their habits. The key here is to start small and get creative.

5-9: Wrecking Ball. You may have to replace entire walls. Unless you’re a newborn (and if you are, congratulations on being an early reader!), you already have lifestyle habits. For example, you come home from work every day, and then sit at your computer and work some more. Your challenge will be to replace old “less than healthy” habits with new, healthy habits. This will take work, AND it’s absolutely doable. Remember, the trip of 1,000 miles began with one step. The key for you will be start small and get support!

Did you notice the healthy habits listed in the quiz included more than just diet and exercise? Research continues to show that a truly healthy lifestyle includes more than just food and movement. Healthy people also get 8 hours of sleep, enjoy time with friends and family, and nurture their spirit.

Be encouraged! Millions of people are doing this every day, getting healthy, one habit at a time. Regardless of where or how you are beginning, begin! Take a step and know you are not in this alone!

Weight Loss Boss
The Power of Habit


  1. SissyLaLa says

    Judy, Your an AMAZING Teacher, Sister and Always Building up Beautiful Women and Men!! Love you

  2. Nick says

    What an amazing site! I love the house analogy. I can’t wait to see what the next article will be.

    Thanks for the encouragement!

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