Building habits of healthy living – no scale required!

Habits make life easier (well, good habits anyway). From brushing our teeth to looking both ways before we cross the street, we have all developed habits that let us take care of one thing while our brain focuses on something else. Ask anyone who lives a healthy lifestyle and they will tell you about their habits. They may not call it a habit; they will probably use words like this:

“For breakfast, I normally…”, “Every day, I make sure I…”, “As a general rule, I…” That’s what a habit is. It’s not a program or a fad. It’s a sustainable thing you do on a regular basis, such as “Every morning when I get up, I brush my teeth.”

I’ve spent the last 3 years creating, changing and breaking habits, on my journey to a healthier life. Now, I want to share what I’ve learned – and what I continue to learn every day. I hope you’ll join me – let’s rock this journey together!